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ABB Semiconductors’ phase control thyristor has been the back-bone of the high power electronics industry since its introduction 60 years ago. Its field of application ranges from kW DC-drives and MW rated load commutated frequency converters to GW converters for HVDC transmission.
Due to the growing demand for energy efficiency, the thyristor remains at the heart of much of the equipment needed for energy transmission and distribution, as it allows the best performance in terms of cost, reliability and efficiency.

Fast thyristors

For applications with frequencies higher than the domestic AC mains supply (e.g. 50 Hz or 60 Hz), thyristors with lower values of tq are required. Fast Thyristors have optimized turn-off parameters and are designed for general power switching applications.
For downloading and printing of data sheets in PDF format, click on the part numbers.

Fast thyristors Standard, Medium Frequency Datasheet
Part Number VDRM (V) I>TAV (A) ITSM (kA) Package* (mm)
*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter
5STF 13F12201200125221.074.5/47
5STF 15F12321200153221.074.5/47
5STF 07D1413140071012.058.5/34
5STF 07T1413140071012.058.5/34
5STF 09D1420140084713.058.5/34
5STF 09T1420140084713.058.5/34
5STF 12F20402000120217.074.5/47
5STF 14F20632000144017.074.5/47
5STF 23H20402000232242.010.5/63
5STF 28H20602000266746.510.5/63
5STF 28H20603000100313.074.5/47
5STF 11F30103000111214.074.5/47
Medium Frequency
5STF 18F12101200177922.074.5/47
5STF 06D1408140056811.058.5/34
5STF 06T1408140056811.058.5/34
5STF 07D1414140073612.058.5/34
5STF 07T1414140073612.058.5/34
5STF 16F14131400152621.074.5/47
5STF 17F14201400169321.074.5/47
5STF 06D202020005578.058.5/34
5STF 06T202020005578.058.5/34
5STF 07D203220006799.058.5/34
5STF 07T203220006799.058.5/34
5STF 12F20252000119117.074.5/47
5STF 15F20402000148917.074.5/47
5STF 05D242524005177.058.5/34
5STF 05T242524005177.058.5/34
5STF 06D244024006178.058.5/34
5STF 06T244024006178.058.5/34
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