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Reverse conducting thyristors (RCT)

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Reverse conducting thyristors (RCT)

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ABB Semiconductors’ phase control thyristor has been the back-bone of the high power electronics industry since its introduction 60 years ago. Its field of application ranges from kW DC-drives and MW rated load commutated frequency converters to GW converters for HVDC transmission.
Due to the growing demand for energy efficiency, the thyristor remains at the heart of much of the equipment needed for energy transmission and distribution, as it allows the best performance in terms of cost, reliability and efficiency.

Reverse conducting thyristors (RCT)

The reverse conducting thyristor (RCT) is differentiating itself from the normal high power thyristor by having an integrated reverse diode. Because of the reverse diode this thyristor is not capable of reverse blocking.
These devices are advantageous where a reverse or freewheel diode must be used. Because the SCR and diode never conduct at the same time they do not produce heat simultaneously and can easily be integrated and cooled together.
Reverse conducting thyristors are often used in frequency changers and inverters.
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Reverse conducting thyristors (RCT) 2kV, 2.5kV Datasheet
Part Number VDRM (V) I>TAV (A) ITSM (kA) Package* (mm)
*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter
5STR 03T204020003605.058.5/34
5STR 10T2520250085714.0100/63
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